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The indestructible

Land Cruiser

The thoughest 4x4 come to his maturity with the 4th generation.

He was the only 4x4 which was not meant to be military hence his design with soft curves and a front face becoming cult.

First created as an utility vehicle, his incredible mechanical and crossing performances make it an amazing adventurer, a vehicle already desired in its time.

At the first Paris-Dakar rally, Landcruisers where in majority in the convoy.

From Latin America to Australia of Philippines to Canada, the Landcruiser is everywhere and still drives out of the tracks.

The world success of this 4x4 with his robustness is well established

A timeless and minimalist design. Powerful and torquey engines. Japanese engineers have innovated and overcome their time standards

Take back the wheel of an icon

Due to his robustness, The Landcruiser suffers from a lack of mechanical maintenance, it became a toy that we try to break but in the end it's the rust that destroyed its fate.

The Toyota series 4 are now ruined vehicles, often badly restored with doubtful mechanics.

From this sad conclusion, Teseven Toyota Classic is born to give the possibility  to passionates to drive a brand new Landcruiser

From efficiency to minimalism 

An incredible pleasure to drive very different from other cars.

The dashboard bare from any subtlety and use proven electrical components, the wheel is by himself, a call to adventure.

A perception of the track and the road which united with the machine. A comeback to simplicity which motivate you to drive as far as can be and where you want.

The great comeback of a cult 4 wheel drive

With Teseven's team work, the Landcruiser regains his reliability.

Allow a few insiders to drive into the nostalgia of a time rich with freedom.

The diversity of frame versions and the number of motorizations make every vehicle quite unique.

Even if it was made in series, it became very rare in his  new configuration.

The Landcruiser series 4 is today the perfect representation of timeless vehicle, reliable and strong.

Its conception was built on humanist principles with a historical heritage.

It's in the same state of mind that we present our work to give you the envy to join us to purchase this cult vehicle.

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