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Teseven perpetuates the last french

presswork savoir-faire

By our productions and our commitments, we pay a tribute to the japanese "Takumi" which represents the work of excellence of craftsmen

Passion for sheet metal working and forming

Since the origin of the LandCruiser, Rust has been what destroys and condemns the car even before the engine stops running.

Since its creation in 2007 by Fabien OUACHÉE (Compagnons du Devoir, Car Bodywork specialty) Teseven Autobodygoal has set its goal on full & faithfull reconstruction of all types of Toyota series 4 bodies.

A large and complex production because Land Cruisers have the most versions of frame of any other models (short frame 40/41/42, middle frame 43/44/46 and long frame and pick up 45/47).

A well as many motorization (4 cylinders diesel engine, 6 cylinders diesel engine, 6 cylinders gasoline).

With such challenge, the company has developed a unique knowledge of artisanal presswork in France and taken advantage to invest more in the machinery and process of fabrication.

Workshop is getting bigger along with the success of our realizations.

Bodies are evolving too to be upgraded a lot this year.

Rebuilt a Land Cruiser

In 10 years, Teseven became a major player in the passion and preservation of vintage Toyota cars.

The company covers the whole scope of automotive rebuild process, from paintwork-lines to mechanical poles and through electrical poles & saddlery, including this very unique particularity of running its own body production workshop.

Our products are built to the highest standards, with body construction, guaranteed filler & corrosion-free.

As a result of our heavy & constant investments, we are today able to rebuild your Landcruiser 4-series, using 80% of new parts, as a supplement to the original parts we could refurbish.

Land Cruisers of exception

A very wide choice of models, from the whole series-4 range, is available at Teseven : please send your inquiries, we are very likely to have what you want, thanks to our sharp expertise.

Vehicles can be reconditioned in their original state or improved with modern components to increase their comfort.

A lot of options and possibilities are available because the Land Cruiser series 4 is a wonderful base for adaptations.

Our multi-skilled & very professional workforce enables a full on-demand customization of your Toyota Lancruiser. Tell us about your dreams, we'll build it !

This innovative process in the vintage car world supports a genuine & passionate relation with our customers all along the restoration.

Rare would be the passionates to own one of our realizations.

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